“The Tale of the Circus Lion”

video performance, 5 min

with subtitles


“Late Night: Total Transparency”

performance, 20 min
 Together Festival in Hørsholm, september 2022.

this performance was stylized as a late night talkshow, with Søren Mingon acting as the host. i played Elliot Eisbo, the guest, a Hollywood actor who recently came out as transgender. Elliot is on the show to discuss his new identity.

on the first image, you can see a small bell. Søren etablishes this bell as the Cancel Bell – if i find he crosses a line with his questions, i can ring the bell, and the show shuts down immediately, cancelling him.

several times during the performance, i tease/warn him by reaching for the bell. when he gets to the final question – love life and intimacy – i pick it up and sit with it, ready to ring it. but after i answer vaguely, i start asking him the same questions back, about sex, love, genitals, etc. and Søren rings the bell.

“Fame – Take 3”

“And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going – Take 5”

“Heroes – Take 2”

video performance series, 3 + 3 + 3 min

 three songs performed in the Ceremonial Hall at the Art Academy,
wearing a uneven-buttoned shirt and forgetting half the lyrics.


“Pronouns 101”

performance, 10 min
 opening speech at the Royal Danish Academy of Art, october 2022.

this was a speech-based performance for the semester opening of the academy.

with a large number of non-binary student at the school, i wanted to make sure everyone had a proper introduction to gender neutral pronouns – how to use them and why it matters.

the first half is a personal story about a time i was saved by the right pronouns, followed by a short demonstration of using gender neutral pronouns in danish and english.

“Happy Together”

video performance, 03:50
selected for Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2020

“Love Me”

video performance, 04:58
selected for Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2020


video performance, 13:27