“Hele Alfabetet”

2022, 13:07 min, HD-video

directed and written by Isaac Nissen

produced by Martha Fjeldmose for Rockmoor Films

premiered at the Bachelor-show for The Royal Danish Academy of Arts, may 2022


Hele Alfabetet” (“The Whole Alphabet“) is a sitcom pilot about young people with psychiatric diagnoses.

we follow siblings Isaac and Paprika as they put potential roommate Nor through extensive trials to see if Nor can fit in. but something in Nor’s past turns out to be trouble for all of them.



why sitcom?

i wanted to speak about diagnoses in a way that was fun, casual and lighthearted. mental illness is often depicted in a rather dark and gloomy way – which is important too – but i didn’t feel it fully reflected life with a mental disorder.

i chose the 90’s sitcom style to open up the material in a new way. with corny jokes, a laugh track, a studio set with one location and physical comedy, i hoped the audience would relax in this familiar format and take the material in in another way than usual.

the exhibition

the film premiered at the Bachelor-show at Brønshøj Gamle Skole on May 20th, 2022.

i repurposed an old gym equipment room as a screening room.

because of the narrative nature of the film, screening it in a loop didn’t seem fitting at first, and i originally planned for the audience to have to start the film on their own, when they were ready.

however, i realized that while you may not enter randomly and understand the whole narrative, there are pointers of the theme and the style throughout the whole film.


Paprika: Ida Maria Thomsen

Nor: Ba Bladh

Isaac: Isaac Nissen

Director and screenwriter: Isaac Nissen

Producer: Martha Fjeldmose for Rockmoor Films

DOP: Martin Stampe, DFF

Sound engineer: Baltazar Hjalmar Andersen

Editor: Martha Fjeldmose

Composer: Simon Kiel

Line producer: Malthe Saxer

Camera assistant: Andrew Berekdar

Colorist: Baltasar Breki

Production assistant: Olivia Brogaard